Re: [Emerald] ??? Hmm, Guess I will just keep posting thisuntil it gets

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 26 Jan 2000 12:03:00 -0800

Donn Lasher wrote:
> I'll go out on a limb and tell you to contact Bob Kivey directly, and he'll
> arrange with Peter to get it working for you. We have had an incredible
> time making server port access work, and Peter has done an awesome job in
> working with us, building new versions of Radius 3 to get it solved.

Stop that. :) I do greatly appreciate the kind words, though.

Support requests need to go through support so that they are tracked
correctly. Bob Kivi is a manager here and will see any escalations
that need to take place and handles them accordingly. It is very
important that support requests go through our support group so
they are created, tracked, and routed correctly. Circumventing
support is only going to delay the request longer (as it has to be
re-routed back to support first). Most ISPs should understand
this process, as its similiar to their own support group.


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