Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 26 Jan 2000 11:36:29 -0500


You don't need to do anything in the Maxes to allow for static IPs. As far
as the customer is concerned, they set up their computer like anyone
else--to receive a dynamically assigned IP. You just happen to be assigning
them the same IP every time. If I remember correctly, if the customer has
the IP manually set somewhere on their machine, the Max will kick them off
immediately because IT is supposed to be assigning the IPs.

Your Radius settings for static IP should be like:

User-Service: Framed-User
Framed-Protocol: PPP

Optional for Ascend:
Ascend-Idle-Limit: 1200
Ascend-Maximum-Time: 18000

To prevent ISDN users from dialing into an account only for modem users, add
the following:
NAS-Port-Type = Async ("Retry" should be checked (=1))

For a multilink connection, you don't need to modify any radius settings for
anyone. Standard PPP settings work fine:

User-Service: Framed-User
Framed-Protocol: PPP
(plus any optional ones)

All you need to do is go into Emerald, into the specific service and set the
"login limit" to 2 or more, depending on how many concurrent sessions the
customer needs. Most MP users only use 2. There's no need to set
"Framed-Protocol" to "MP" since there's no difference between them when it
comes to radius. They're both PPP. The Max(es) will handle the channel
binding automatically, so long as the customer is set for MP (as opposed to
two different people connecting with the same username/password combo -- in
this case, it obvously wouldn't be an MP connection and each person would
have a separate IP).


From: PowerNet <>
>We are using Ascend 4048/6096 and Emerald/RadiusNT.
>I do not want my general users to try to specify and IP address, but I do
have a few dedicated customers with static IP's
>Is there a way to do this with Emerald/Ascend without setting IP pool only
to Yes in the Ascend box.
>If I set it to yes, my dedicated customers will have trouble since they are
outside the pool. (correct)?
>My radius profile looks like this currently and we do not have ISDN:
>User Service Framed
>Framed Prot PPP
>Ascend Max Time 18000
>Ascend Assign IP Pool 1
>What do I need to do to accomplish my task?
>Also, we are trying to get Shotgun working, but it is not 100% I have set
the login limit to 2 in Emer Client.
>My Shotgun profile in radius looks like this:
>User Service Framed
>Framed Prot MPP
>Ascend Max Time 18000
>What else am I missing?

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