Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 26 Jan 2000 12:26:04 -0800

PowerNet wrote:
> We are using Ascend 4048/6096 and Emerald/RadiusNT.
> I do not want my general users to try to specify and IP address,
> but I do have a few dedicated customers with static IP's

Thats a fairly generic option. Your NAS documnetation should cover
the values for Framed-Address. Here is some from the RFC:

> The Address field is four octets. The value 0xFFFFFFFF indicates
> that the NAS should allow the user to select an address (e.g.
> Negotiated). The value 0xFFFFFFFE indicates that the NAS should
> select an address for the user (e.g. Assigned from a pool of
> addresses kept by the NAS). Other valid values indicate that the
> NAS should use that value as the user's IP address.

Therefore, if you specify, the user can not specify an
IP, and one from the pool will be assigned.

> Also, we are trying to get Shotgun working, but it is not 100% I have set the login limit to 2 in Emer Client.
> My Shotgun profile in radius looks like this:
> User Service Framed
> Framed Prot MPP
> Ascend Max Time 18000
> What else am I missing?

You may need to enabled Shared-Profiles.


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