Re: [Emerald] radius 3.0 and emerald 2.5.322

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 09:53:04 -0800

Phil Henson wrote:
> Above is the Emerald config we are running. Now my question we have been
> using sql 6.5 enterprise have two servers that we use like this.
> One runs the database and other is just used to back up the first several
> time each day if billing payments entered etc.
> Now for the question, we would like to upgrade to sql 7.0 but just found out
> that in order to run the enterprise we now need to upgrade nt to the
> enterprise version? Which brings up another question in order to run nt
> enterprise do you need two servers running enterprise or does one work? I
> have no idea and seems to be the one thing I cannot find anywhere.

Why do you want SQL Enterprise? Unless you are using VLM or clustering,
you are not gaining anything from installing Enterprise.

> Another question if I upgrade to the standard version of sql 7.00 can I run
> two servers and just backup the way I have been doing? I do it this way in
> case of a failure I can just point to the other server.

Yes. You can schdule transfers or backup/copy/restore using SQL Agent.


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