[Emerald] radius 3.0 and emerald 2.5.322

Phil Henson ( phil@cloh.net )
Tue, 25 Jan 2000 09:49:42 -0500


Above is the Emerald config we are running. Now my question we have been
using sql 6.5 enterprise have two servers that we use like this.

One runs the database and other is just used to back up the first several
time each day if billing payments entered etc.

Now for the question, we would like to upgrade to sql 7.0 but just found out
that in order to run the enterprise we now need to upgrade nt to the
enterprise version? Which brings up another question in order to run nt
enterprise do you need two servers running enterprise or does one work? I
have no idea and seems to be the one thing I cannot find anywhere.

Another question if I upgrade to the standard version of sql 7.00 can I run
two servers and just backup the way I have been doing? I do it this way in
case of a failure I can just point to the other server.

I ask this here because I know there are some of you guys that have a vast
knowledge of nt. sql and working with Emerald.

I tried to talk to Microsoft about this but after about a hour I concluded
that I had to have more money to run microscope products.

Phil Henson

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