[Emerald] SQL-Help

James Martin ( (no email) )
Sat, 22 Jan 2000 19:45:20 -0600


I have a couple of SQL questions I hope someone can help with. Does anyone
have replication setup for use with Emerald Radius and SQL 7. I have the
entire Emerald database setup to replicate but this just isn't working out
due to the size of the database. What is the best way and the minimum amount
of information that has to be replicated to have a usable database for the
purpose of authentication?

Another question is how do I do a dump or whatever it is called to reduce
the size of the database files. My backups are about 200 mb but the size of
the database is around 700 mb. This happened when I was using 6.5 and kept
having to increase the log file size. It seems that at one time on SQL6.5 I
was able to backup the database, delete the Log and Dat files and then
restore the database to a more reasonable size. If I just backup the
database as usual and restore it, it creates the same size files as before.
Hope this makes some since. Thanks

Thank You,
James D Martin, MCSE/MCP+I
System Administrator
First Internet Communications, LLC
(931) 455-8611

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