Re: [Emerald] External System LDAP Sync.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 23:23:28 -0800

Axel Drogoin wrote:
> What is the External System Type "EmerDAP LDAP Sync." in EmerAdmin?

Its for EmerSync, an unpublished LDAP sync tool for Emerald. We are
working on a public release for it.

> Is it possible to use Netscape Messaging Server 4 / Directory Server 4
> with Emerald?


> There is no field where i can specify the LDAP server, the bind-dn or password.
> Is this feature already working?

No. You configure the LDAP settings in the admin for EmerSync, not
the Emerald Admin.

> In the past we used the External System Type "Netscape Sync.".
> But this is not working since version 3.5 of NMS.

We are working on LDAP support, but I don't have a time frame for it.


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