[Emerald] Running Update Database results in lost operators

Thu, 20 Jan 2000 15:59:35 +0800

I ran the update database from the Emerald Admin (2.5.322)
database/maintenance screen. In the menu, it said that you could run this
routines a number of times without affecting your database.

My testing proves otherwise. In my case, my sample operators ALL had their
role membership in the sql changed! I had to manually recreate all of them!
For example, operator1 who was previously a member of emerald-secure,
billinggroup1, now had his membership changed to emerald-secure/<blank>

this results in operator1 being able to access all other billing groups.
Then when i tried to re-assign billingroup1 to the operator1 account, i get
the error message:

`15415 User is a member of more than one user group....'

so i had to go into sql 7.0 enterprise manager and manually delete them.....

i hope iea-software can fix this .....

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