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Email me off the list and I can send you the IMAP fix sent to me yesterday=
from Rockliffe.

Worked like a charm on our server.
We had the exact same problem


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On 1/19/00, at 3:54 PM, Nathan Haywood wrote:

>We've been having problem the same (first) problem ever since we upgraded=
>3.4.6. We only have a few thousand accounts on the machine (about 1 gig in
>the mailboxes) and IMAP brings our dedicated PIII-550 w/ 512MB of SDRAM to
>it's knees about every other day. Stopping and restarting IMAP fixes it=
>another few days, until it happens again.
>Nathan Haywood
>WHRO Systems Engineer
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>Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 12:55 PM
>Subject: [Emerald] SENDING EMAIL PROBLEM!
>I am using Emerald and Mailsite 3.4.6
>I just upgraded from 3.4.5 to 3.4.6 last week.
>Since then I have had a few problems:
>1 Slow mail server
> Mail is the only thing running on this 450mhz/128MB nt machine.
>Response seems to lag even opening folders. After re-booting, the machine
>seems OK for a while. After looking at running services in qslice it=
>IMAP is what is killing the CPU. If I stop the IMAP service it seems to
>clear up. That is NOT a solution!
>2 Clients having trouble sending mail
> Some Outlook Express clients are having trouble sending mail. They
>are getting error messages saying that the senders address has been
> Any ideas on how to fix this.
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