Re: [Emerald] Cant login to Emerald

David Routh ( )
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 17:05:11 -0600

At 03:04 PM 01/13/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Ed and Kathy Tate wrote:
>> I don't run the network client utility. Ever since we upgraded to SQL 7.0,
>Please give it a try for me. With SQL 7, there is a "Client Network
>Utility" that gets installed with the client. What is the default
>transport listed in there? Do you have an entry in there for your
>SQL server?
>I understand the problem, but your not giving me any feedback on
>the questions I'm asking, which will help us resolve this.

Seems like I ran into something like this in the past... I do remember
playing with the transports and also I remember having to use the IP of the
server instead of the hostname... I also remember changing back to the
hostname several days later and it still worked...


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