[Emerald] Paid Invoices?

David Routh ( drouth@davlin.net )
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:33:42 -0600


I was reviewing the outstanding Invoices we have and found that there are
some Invoices that have been paid but still show up in the Invoices screen,
even when checking "Show Unpaid Only".

I've traced it back to customers having two outstanding Invoices and, when
making a payment on their account, the payment was applied to the last
Invoice... it correctly shows the customers balance as current but the
first Invoice shows up in the Invoice screen as Unpaid.

I thought I could simply go back and delete the payment then apply it to
the first Invoice... that didn't work, maybe because they had payments
after that... anyway it would clear that Invoice from Unpaid but the second
one would show up as Unpaid.

Is this something I'm doing wrong... applying the payment to the latest

Any help is appreciated... also is there a way to somehow clear these Paid
Invoices that show up as Unpaid?

Thanks, David

BTW, this probably started in 2.5.278 and we're now on 2.5.322.

Also, is it possible to be able to change the date when posting a payment?
I realize payments are generally posted the day they are received but there
has been several times checks may be held for a few days prior to being
posted... just a thought.

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