[Emerald] Proxy Radius

Thu, 13 Jan 2000 00:02:40 +1100


just have a few questions about the correct way to configure Emerald
(Radius NT) for access by proxy servers - I've been through the
archives re the MegaPOP thread but I'm still confused :(

- first users accessing through remote locations are validated on our
Radius NT server via a radius proxy server (the remote proxy uses
Navis Radius?).

- the domain name is NOT used in the validation process. Therefore
it is not necessary to strip the domain for validation.

- our server is configured to view the proxy radius as a NAS in the
servers table (no roam / proxy configuration etc).

so the problem

- we can validate successfully and log start and stop records BUT we
dont seem to be able to assign IP addresses to the remote clients

- we also have the problem with the remote sessions not being
displayed in the calls on line view" but I understand that this
has/will be fixed - anyway this is the least of the hassles!

Any ideas would be appreciated,


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