Re: [Emerald] Email Failed CC Customers

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 11 Jan 2000 10:46:12 -0800

Administrator wrote:
> > So the approvals are going out, but the rejects are not? What does
> > your CC Batch.txt show for the rejects? Are you using IC Verify?
> The CCBatch.txt shows then as Decline HOLD, Decline, Decline Call Center,
> etc.
> We are using ICVerify 2.25 for Windows, we are using this version per Novus
> the upgraded up to it in Nov 99 because the older version had Y2K issues. I
> am not aware of a 2.5.320 version.
> > 2.5.320 was re-batch bad transactions with IC Verify, rather than
> > marking them as declined (which would prevent the reject report
> > from going out).
> Is this a re-batch in ICVerify you are talking about? I have never seen
> this!

No. Emerald was incorrectly interpretting the failure codes for IC
and marking them for rebatch (which it should only do for a timeout).

In the ccbatch.txt file, the second field should be a 3 (fail) or 4
(approve). Are yours 7 for the failures by chance?


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