Re: [Emerald] Printing error

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 06 Jan 2000 12:51:36 -0800

"H. A. Brooks" wrote:
> Maybe this'll help: When I put the CR.7 files in the Emerald
> directory they are account.rpt.rpt, e.g. That sure is strange,
> so I go ahead and rename them to *.rpt, after deleting the old
> file. I will get .322 and reinstall it, because I reinstalled
> .278 and replaced it with .322 exe.

Do you mean when you save them from within Cyrstal? I'm not
sure what you mean by "put"? The install?

One other side note. For those using 2.5.3xx, use the find files
options and search for u2*.dll files on your system. These must
all have the same date, and must be from the 7.0 installation.

If you have/had Crystal installed, these should be in your
windows\crystal directory. Remove any that are found in your
windows\system (or system32) directory (if you have them in
your windows\crystal directory). Emerald by default installs
all of the crystal runtime files in your system directory,
but the full Crystal installs the support files (u2* files) in the
windows\crystal directory.

I've put the Crystal 7.0 MR1 export files on our FTP site at the
following URL, if you would like to use the latest ones:


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