Re: [Emerald] Can demo radius v3.0 do roaming authentication?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 06 Jan 2000 09:36:25 -0800

> wrote:
> A short question: I am currently trying out radius v3.0 (demo)
> version. I am trying roaming server authentication. In the debug
> screen, i can see that the radius is 'sending' the request to the
> remote roaming server i setup.
> However, on the remote server, no such authentication packets arrive.
> On the client side, we get time out errors.
> Should i be enabling some switches???
> my emerald is 2.5.278 running on sql7.0 sp1 on NT 4.0 sp5

If you see the line like "Sending to xxxxx" where xxxx is the
server you configured for the forward, then RadiusNT is
configured right. However, what might be missing is the ports
that is sending on. Double check that the port you are sending
to is the one the other RADIUS server is listening on.


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