Re: [Emerald] Billing Troubles

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 12:51:57 -0800

Beachlink Administrator wrote:
> We are using Emerald 2.5.278
> I have a client who added 5 dialups to his existing account. His previous
> balance = $0. I added 5 subaccounts, clicking YES to create invoices for
> each new subaccount. When I finished, I had 5 invoices... but the amounts
> increased with each one, instead of them all being $19.95.
> Invoice #1 = 19.95
> Invoice #2 = 39.90
> Invoice #3 = 59.85
> Invoice #4 = 79.80
> Invoice #5 = 99.75
> So instead of 5 invoices for $99.75, I have five invoices for $299.25!

They are accumulative though. Just send them the last one, pay it,
and Emerald will mark the rest paid.

> Each invoice had a previous balance totaling the amount of the invoice
> before it. Why does this happen?

Think of it as a series of statements, not five single invoices.

> Also, I don't use Balance Forward. When a customer doesn't pay their bill, I
> don't want Emerald to create another invoice for the next month of
> service... I want that customer to expire. What do I need to do to get this
> to happen?

Create a renewal billing cycle and put the customers on that billing

> One more thing... what influences the Previous Balance field? If I manually
> create an invoice, that invoice amount is not added to the Previous Balance.

This is something that has changed in the 2.5.3xx updates. If you
an invoice, you have two choices. One is renewal, which DOES bring in
the previous balance (simliar to the services above), while the other
invoice, which does NOT bring in the previous amount (like a point of
sale invoice). Which to use determines what you want to do.


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