[Emerald] Radius Attributes, Static IP

PowerNet ( (no email) )
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 11:59:02 -0500

I have a couple customers with Static IP's
I am using Ascend boxes with Emerald and RadiusNT

Currently, for dedicated 24/7 customers we have a dedicated account with=
radius attributes set up in emeraldadmin
The attributes are:
User Service Framed User
Framed Protocol PPP

That it, and nothing special is set up in Emer Client for that specific=
The way they get that ip is that we have them specify the ip in their=
dialup network settings. It works that way.

This morning I tried to set the address in the radius section of Emer=
client and then when they logged in I can't ping them and their connection=
does not work. The settings I made this morning were:
User Service Framed User
Framed Protocol PPP
Framed Address x.x.x.x(x=3Dtheir static ip)

What am I doing wrong that this won't work. From what I have been told=
this is the way to set it up.


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