Re: [Emerald] Email Invoices

David Routh ( )
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 12:08:33 -0600


When I first changed our einvoice.rpt (CR7) I had very similar results,
it looked very similar to yours below. I kept trying to fix things on
the invoice but they never changed or got better.

Finally, I pulled up another copy of the original einvoice.rpt and made
changes on that one... that solved the problem.

For whatever reason all I could figure is that I munged the first
einvoice.rpt somewhere along the line... It was my first attempt with
CR7... and I didn't read the manual... hell, not enough time for that!

Best of luck.


At 11:59 AM 11/23/1999 -0600, you wrote:


<excerpt><fontfamily><param>Arial</param><smaller>Our emailed invoices
are sending junk. The report seems to be getting misaligned, cutting off
words, pulling in amounts that are totally bogus, etc When i pull up
einvoice.rpt in Crystal it appears to be layed out correctly though
Any suggestions or insight? (Below is a sample email invoice)


<fontfamily><param>Arial</param><smaller>**[start invoice here]

ice Notice:378

ice Date: 11/22/1

e Date: 12/1/19

Hughes Business Technologies

Brad Facer

7825 Forest Hills Road

Rockford, IL 61111

The following accounts will exp

For continuing service through 1/1/2000 please remit



s Balance: $0.00


w Charges: Description Tax ount

--------------------------- -----

----------- --

test - 8 Days $0$0.71


test Email Only for Il $0$2.66



mount Due: $3.37

* Please write notice number [ 378 ] on yo

**[end invoice here]


<fontfamily><param>Arial</param><smaller>Thank You


Hughes Business Technologies