[Emerald] xstop

Mon, 22 Nov 1999 08:41:21 +0100

hello dale

I got this code from xstop company for using the xstop with pm3.

Am I right that I only have to give my users a framed filter attribute
xstop.sec to get this thing working a little bit, Wating for an other
solution from emerald an xstop 8-)

> >add filter xstop.sec
> >set filter xstop.sec 1 permit tcp dst eq 20
> >set filter xstop.sec 2 permit tcp dst eq 21
> >set filter xstop.sec 3 permit tcp dst eq 80
> >set filter xstop.sec 4 permit tcp dst eq 119
> >add sa xstop
> >set sa xstop mode ipip-tunnel
> >set sa xstop peer-identifier [IP ADDRESS of R2000]
> >add sec-prof xstop
> >set sec-prof xstop 1 policy-filter xstop.sec
> >set sec-prof xstop 1 static-sa xstop

yours sincerely

sikko de graaf
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