Re: [Emerald] Authenticating to multiple terminal servers

H. A. Brooks ( (no email) )
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 20:21:12 -0500

If I recall the Auth port is 1645 and the Acct port is 1646,

At one point we did have a second RADIUS running, but even after
stopping it, nothing changed.

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> "H. A. Brooks" wrote:
> >
> > Since On-Line doesn't show any times and RADIUS debug doesn't
> > show accounting packets coming in, do you still want me to
> > invoices. If I decide not to send invoices how do I get rid
> > them, void them? pay them? or what? Kurt ran them once and I
> > to pay each one by hand to clear the accounts. Afterwards I
> > noticed that all my balances that I carefully entered no
> > appear...Bummer! :-(
> Why are you not getting accounting records? Have you double
> checked the ports to make sure RadiusNT is listening on the
> that RadiusNT is? Do you possibly have two RadiusNT copies
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