Re: [Emerald] Daily Online Time Limited store procedure

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 09:51:16 -0800 wrote:
> Dale,
> We want to implement a daily online limited for our user. RadGetConfigs is
> for additional Radius attributes for particular subaccounts, if we modify it
> as follow, will it work? (Can not use RadGetATConfigs, because it does not
> pass username).
> In our Database the particular account type would be DAYx, the x is the hour
> limit in a day, any body should be able to change to monthly time limit type
> of account as well.

I would look at the monthly recurring scripts I wrote that use the
field and then write a proc that runs nightly to modify the timeleft.
Check out the pieces at:

This makes things a lot cleanier on the RadiusNT side (you don't have to
do anything to it) and more compatable with what we will be doing in
the future.


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