[Emerald] USR Hiper and Emerald 2.5

Lamar Townsend ( (no email) )
Sun, 14 Nov 1999 23:53:35 -0600

I have a problem with Emerald 2.5.278 and the total control hiper access
server. It seems that connect-info is not filled in on the On-Line screen,
the server and port are not filled in on the RadLogs screen, and the
TS-Graph only works on the first 23 ports. The remainder of the software
software seems to work pretty well but I would really like to have it ALL
working. I was never told by anyone that there were issues with the USR
hiper equipment, prior to writing the check for it, where only parts were
actually working. I was told that to get the Connect-Info working that we
would have to pay IEA to write some triggers for me. NOT! I paid for it
up front. I asked the question "Does this software work with the hiper arc
chassis" and I was told yes, 100%. There was no "To make this work with the
Total Control add $xxx.xx" on the webpage
anywhere.. What is it going to take to make this stuff work guys. And
DON'T tell me to call sales.
Lamar Townsend
Microgear / Microgear.Net

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