[Emerald] billing problem

Mon, 15 Nov 1999 00:37:06 +1100

Hope somebody may be able to help with this:

We have a 10 hr / month account that is charged at a base rate of
$20.00, excess hours are charged at $2.40 per hour.

The rate settings are as follows:

Standard time: 10
Standard Interval: 3600
Standard Charge: $0.00

Overtime: selected
Over interval: 60
Over Charge: $0.04

The service is set to a cost of $20.00

Emerald (2.5.278) has just generated the following invoice:

Usage: 773 Mins. $30.52
10 hrs per month $20.00

I would have thought this should be: 773 - (10*60 Mins) = 173 Mins
or 173*.04 = $6.92 (+ $20.00)

The time on log indicates approximately 13 hr 10 mins for this
period. I have also noticed something else strange - the invoice
gives a date of 11/30/99 for the usage line - I would have thought
that the usage would have been for the previous period (ie 9/30/99-

Could anybody explain going on?


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