Re: [Emerald] Upgrading Emerald to 2.5

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 09:14:04 -0800

Gary Walworth wrote:
> Today, I am preparing to upgrade Emerald to 2.5. Before the upgrade, I plan
> to install RadiusNT onto another server and run radusers on my Emerald
> database so I can continue to let my customers login while I am upgrading
> Emerald.
> Of course, I have to let all of my NASes know of the new IP address for
> authentication. I also realize that the accounting features of Emerald and
> RadiusNT will not function while I am running RadiusNT in text mode on the
> second server. I also realize that new customers cannot be entered while the
> upgrade is taking place.
> I am hoping the upgrade won't take more than a few hours.
> Are there any ramifications of this procedure? What about RadiusNT
> licensing? Anything else I should know? Is there a better way?

Take your Emerlad Licese and put it into the RadiusNT Admin. Then
just restart RadiusNT in text mode like you mention. There is not
a need to change IPs and such. Upgrade your Emerald, and the point
RadiusNT back at your Emerald DB in ODBC mode.


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