Re: [Emerald] Completing Emerald Installation/Setup

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 09 Nov 1999 10:06:05 -0800

> Kenneth Gustav Eitenmiller Jr wrote:
> I have three issues to get through before my Emerald installation is
> finished. Can anyone give me a hand?
> #1 I need to access the SQL database through MSPROXY. I saw something
> in the archives about enabling TCP/IP on the SQL server... How does
> one go about doing this? and have a tunnel/service defined on the port
> 1433??? Again... How? Is this on Proxy or SQL? I was kind of expecting
> this to be in the Emerald manual.

Because this really isn't an Emerald issue. :(

Check out this KB article:

> INF: How to Set Up SQL Server for Access Through Proxy Server
> Article ID: Q216415
> The information in this article applies to:
> Microsoft SQL Server versions 6.5, 7.0
> Microsoft Proxy Server version 2.0

> #2 I need to set up Serv-u FTP. Again... I expected this in the
> manual... How does Serv-u need to be set up to work with Emerald...
> and how does Emerald need to be set. How can I setup all of my
> current users into Serv-u? Do I need to use some version other than
> 2.5a, and if so, where do I get it?

The Serv-U configuration is in the EmerAuth Documentation,
chapter 5. You can get the latest from the following directory,
including a version of Serv-U 2.5a that supports UNC paths:

> #3 As in a previous message, I have some problem with my invoices.
> Some how in the New Charges Amount of $12.71 x Quantity of 12 + tax of
> $7.62 = $243.96 then the total amount due ends up the correct $162.00.
> This really looks bad to the customers I am sending them too.

This is a problem with the invoice.rpt itself. You can get a corrected
one at:


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