[Emerald] VSA's and USR's

Billy Huddleston ( (no email) )
Tue, 9 Nov 1999 11:51:21 -0500

Downloaded RadiusNT 2.5.195 and that didn't fix my problem..
Then I looked at some RadiusNT 3.0 docs and it said the bug with USR's and
VSA's had
been fixed in something like 2.5.238.. But I couldn't find that version. So
I install
RadiusNT 3.xx

Well, The USR is receving the filter name now.. After fixing a bug in

AND (ra.RadVendorType = ra.RadVendorType OR rc.RadVendorType IS NULL)
needed to be

AND (ra.RadVendorType = rc.RadVendorType OR rc.RadVendorType IS NULL)

After making that change.. everything seamed to be going well.. except for

Class = "IEAS\001\004\207\002"

Thats getting sent to my terminal server on EVERY account and it seams that
no one
will verify with the Radius3.0 version.. This is the only thing I can see
that might
be causing it..

Thanks, Billy

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