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Tue, 09 Nov 1999 07:43:49 -0500


Here is the situation:
>I am trying to set up new domains in Emerald and create mailboxes for each
>domain automatically.
>I want to use one user list so that there is only one "joeblow" regardless
>of domain.
>I currently have one billing group set up and it is the same as my default
>I really don't want billing to change.
>I'm using MailSite with my domain and it works fine. I currently am using
>two versions of MailSite. One "main domain" hooked to SQL. The other is
>for all the domains and mailboxes that we host. I would like to be able=
>do it all through Emerald with one version of MailSite.
>I understand that aliases and forwards need to be configured manually.
>I want to be able to create and disable mailboxes through Emerald.
>How do I accomplish this?

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On 11/8/99, at 3:43 PM, Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

>Dan Tang wrote:
>> >The thing is though, I do want to use authentication through Emerald.
>> You will be authenticated through the Emerald Database, if you create a=
>> account in Emerald, the mail box will be automactically created if you
>> configued the MailSite to do so. Only different is you do not use the
>> Emerald dll, you use the feature come with MailSite.
>I'm confused. There IS NO way to use the EmerAuth DLL with Mailsite.
>Mailsite comes with native Emerald and ODBC support.
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