RE: [Emerald] Cant login to Emerald

Qing Yu ( (no email) )
Tue, 9 Nov 1999 23:02:04 +1100

I meet the same problem as you and I reported the problem to forum before
but I didn't get any feedback.
Any suggestion?

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We are having the exact same problem and have been ever since we upgraded to
SQL 7.0. We can login fine from the network but cannot login using dial-up.
When configuring the DSN, the connection test is always successful and we
can access the database using SQL, however, the Emerald login always fails
with the same "Login Failed" message. This is causing significant problems
for our staff as we have people who work from home. Any other suggestions?

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Malcolm Joosse wrote:
> Hello List,
> I have setup a remot office to connect to Emerald.
> This remote office is running MSProxy 2. I have setup a port mapping to
> port 1433 (SQL) and all seems well.
> I can see the SQL database Emerald on the Emerald server but when I try to
> login I get an error saying "Login Failed, Please Try Again". This remote
> office is directly connected to our main office via MSP2/Modem. If I dial
> in to our head office with a modem on the remote PC it works fine.
> What I need to know is what ports does Emerald require to work ?
> Has anyone got Emerald working through MSP2 ?

Emerald uses the SQL DB-LIB API. FOr named pipes, it uses the
SMB ports (137-139, although maybe not all of them) and for TCP/IP
it uses 1433.

If the Login Failed isn't returning immediately, you probably still
have a connectivity issue. Try connecting with isql_w and see if it
can talk to the DB. Also, try turning on debug mode to see more of
the SQL Statements. You might be getting an error of "can't find SQL
server" which Emerald is interpretting as a bad password.


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