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IEA Software Product pricing for Emerald, RadiusNT/X and Air Marshal

Pricing Information

Thank you for your interest in our world-class products and support services. For pre-sales questions, please feel free to contact our sales or support staff.

Our goal is your success. Our pricing, product information, documentation and demonstration servers are publicly accessible through our web site for your review without commitment or registration of any kind. Full product software and evaluation licenses are available from our evaluation center by filling out the customer form and requesting a 45-day evaluation license. During your evaluation period you are entitled to full access to our product support staff to assist in ensuring the software fits your requirements and operates as expected in your environment. In most cases extensions can be granted for those needing more time to fully evaluate the software. There are no upfront fees or commitment to try the software. We look forward in assisting you in making an objective evaluation of our software to meet the needs of your organization.

Our products quickly and easily pay for themselves by providing comprehensive easy-to-use solutions for ISPs and other network service organizations having billing and customer care needs (Emerald), while providing RADIUS authentication, authorization and accounting (RadiusNT/RadiusX). Organizations around the world rely on our products to automate their business, thus increasing their bottom line.

Actual prices may vary by region based on reseller. Contact your local reseller for additional information.

Emerald Management Suite version 6 for Windows and Linux

EditionMBRs IncludedRADIUS IncludedOne-Time Price (USD)
Emerald v6 ExpressUnlimitedRadiusNT/X Standard$1795
Emerald v6 Standard [Std]500RadiusNT/X Standard$2195
Emerald v6 HotSpot [HS]500RadiusNT/X Standard + EAP$2695
Emerald v6 Professional [Pro]500RadiusNT/X Professional$3195
Emerald v6 Enterprise [Ent]500RadiusNT/X Enterprise$4995

StdHSProEntMajor feature DIFFERENCES between editions
Air Marshal Unlimited session license included
Emerald session manager
SMS messaging
Prepaid voucher generation and management
LDAP provisioning / synchronization
VOIP rating
Promotional codes
Appointment scheduling
NetFlow / IPFIX rating & bandwidth charting
Site and tower management
Emerald API
Reseller billing
Backup server license for high availability
Please see the Emerald 6 product information for a detailed description of features included with each edition of Emerald. For upgrade pricing from previous versions of Emerald, please contact us.

Emerald Management Suite version 6 additional MBR licenses (All editions)

MBR CountPrice Per MBR (USD)One-Time Price (USD)
10000 or moreCall for pricing

MBRs can be purchased in increments of 100 with 200 MBRs being the lowest single MBR purchase available.

MBRs (Master Billing Records) represent active customers (Master Accounts) within Emerald who receive a bill for service. Each MBR can have multiple recurring services such as network access accounts, email accounts, web hosting accounts..etc billed to the same account holder (MBR). Only active MBRs count against the licensed MBR limit. In addition when MBRs are used for non-recurring prepaid services only those MBRs who currently have accessible services with time remaining/non expired count against the licensed MBR limit.

For example a typical business customer may have several services for each individual within the company however since all of these services are billed together on the same bill to the same location they only consume a single MBR license. MBR licenses are automatically freed and available for new accounts should the MBR be closed and inactivated.

All product license fees including base cost of Emerald and additional MBRs are perpetual one-time purchases. There are no recurring fees to continue to use software or receive maintenance updates. For optional yearly support pricing click here.

RadiusNT and RadiusX version 5 for Windows and Linux

EditionServersOne-Time Cost Per Server (USD)
RadiusNT/X Standard1$1795
RadiusNT/X Professional1$2695
RadiusNT/X Enterprise1$3595

RadiusNT/X is licensed on a strictly per server basis. There are no other license restrictions on the number of CPUs, accounts, access devices (RADIUS Clients) or concurrent sessions. For every copy of RadiusNT/X purchased you may purchase an additional copy of the same edition at half price as long as it's used in a backup role.

Note that a RadiusNT/X only license entitles you to use the Emerald interface to manage accounts, perform incident tracking, configure RADIUS functionality and perform auditing and reporting of RADIUS authentication and accounting data. Use of Emerald is completely optional and not required in cases where RadiusNT/X is to be integrated with an existing account management system.

When a RadiusNT/X only license is used with Emerald - all extraneous billing related functions of Emerald are unavailable. You have the option of upgrading your license at any time to enable and utilize Emeralds billing features.

Support offerings for Emerald up to 5000 MBRs and RadiusNT/X

OfferingEmail SupportTelephone SupportMajor UpgradesCost (USD)
Yearly Email SupportYesNoNo$695/year
Yearly Basic SupportYes9-5 PTNo$1695/year
Yearly Extended SupportYes9-5 PT and Emergency 24x7Included$2695/year
Quickstart Program4 hour training session over two days covering Installation/configuration and daily use of the system by accounting and CSR staff.$495 (one-time)

New Customers purchasing Emerald are entitled to 60 days of complimentary product support from date of purchase.

Support offerings are based on a single site/technical contact and not affected by the number or type of IEA Software products installed throughout your organization managed by a central contact. For example if you manage 10 RadiusNT servers and 20 Air Marshal servers the cost is the same as if you manage a single RadiusNT server. If your organization is distributed and each location has its own administrative staff separately responsible for managing IEA Software products each location would need to purchase a support contract.

If you are an Emerald customer with more than 5,000 active MBRs please contact us for support contract pricing.

There is no limit on the number of support incidents that can be opened in a given year.

Air Marshal version 2 for Linux

Concurrent SessionsCost per Server (USD)

Air Marshal is licensed on a per server basis. Concurrent sessions represent the total number of user sessions that can be logged into AirMarshal at any given time.

If you wish to purchase 5 or more Air Marshal licenses please contact us for information on our bulk-licensing discount.

Support offerings for Air Marshal standalone (without Emerald)

OfferingEmail SupportTelephone SupportMajor UpgradesCost (USD)
Yearly Email SupportYesNoNo$395/year
Yearly Basic SupportYes9-5 PTNo$595/year
Yearly Extended SupportYes9-5 PTIncluded$695/year

Mobile Board Express

EditionVersionPrice (USD)
Mobile Board Express2$895.00

Support Offerings for Mobile Board Express

OfferingEmail SupportTelephone SupportMajor UpgradesCost (USD)
One-Time Support IncidentYesYesNo$99/per incident
Yearly Basic SupportYesYesYes$320/year

CD-ROM / DVD / Flash Media

DescriptionCost (USD)
Physical copy$50 + shipping

All software and document is distributed electronically and available from downloads. The media fees above apply only if you wish to be sent physical media of the software rather than downloading it. This option is only available if you have purchased a product license.

All sales are final. No refunds may be given once a permanent license key has been issued.