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Emerald Caller-ID Search v1.2

Caller-ID Search Application v1.2

For Windows XP-10 and Windows 2000-2016 platforms

The Emerald call search application enables your organizations incoming calls to be quickly identified and associated automatically with your Emerald customer database or third party number lookup service by matching the callers phone number with similar phone numbers on file.

Each customer service representative runs the Caller-ID search application on a windows based PC. When their phone rings the application automatically detects the customers calling number and sends a search request to Emerald to find any customer(s) associated with this number. If location data is also available in Emerald the Country, State, City and Telco the telephone prefix is registered is also displayed. This information is presented in the search applications main window enabling the CSR to quickly link to the customers Emerald MBR so that they can immediately begin to answer account questions and log customer incidents.

The search application supports several call notification systems including the Asterisk software PBX, YAC call notification (Based on Microsoft TAPI) and a direct modem listener. While the call notification software may not directly integrate with your PBX system integration can usually be achieved by other means. For example configuring the CSRs phone to also ring an external data port where the CSRs computers internal modem could listen for incoming CallerID or PBX call software that integrates with Microsoft TAPI allowing YAC or other similar software to be used as middleware. Additionally your PBX software may offer its own web caller search utility in which case the Emerald call search URL is used directly without the assistance of this application. IEA Software is researching support of additional systems in the future and are interested in your feedback.

Caller-ID Search features include

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