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IEA Software products

Emerald Management Suite

Comprehensive Billing, Authentication and Customer Care Solution for Service Providers

Emerald is an integrated Internet management suite that enables Service Providers to manage their operations according to business needs--rather than by the requirements of the technology--by providing comprehensive management of billing, invoicing, inventory, scheduling, reporting, call tracking, customer care, tower management, system monitoring, user authentication and more in a single integrated software solution.  Built upon multi-platform/multi-database technology and industry-standard hardware, Emerald is a scalable solution that can be used in both small and large managed network environments. Emerald version 6 ships with 500 MBRs and is available in five editions: Express, Standard, HotSpot, Professional and Enterprise.

RadiusNT & RadiusX

High Performance, High Availability RADIUS Servers

IEA Software has been making news since day one as a worldwide leader in high performance RADIUS Authentication, Authorization and Accounting systems. From RadiusNT, the worlds first RADIUS server on the Microsoft windows platform - to RadiusX, the high availability server for the Sparc Solaris and Linux platforms - IEAS offers proven reliable solutions.

With standard features; distributed concurrency control, SNMP, Proxy roaming and load balancing, Wireless, RDBMS redundancy and data caching, rule based filtering engine and full featured web management and reporting. With available advanced features in the Enterprise edition including an External API, Token-based Authentication, LDAP authentication and TACACS+ you can proactively manage analyze and troubleshoot your network with significant value and power at considerable savings over other RADIUS solutions.

Air Marshal

Wireless/Ethernet User Authentication Gateway

Air Marshal provides users the ability to quickly and easily gain access to a wireless or wired Ethernet network using their existing web browser. All traffic is redirected to a customizable login portal where users securely provide a login and password to access the network.

Air Marshal integrates seamlessly with all RADIUS servers and management systems supporting RADIUS. This allows the portal to take advantage of advanced features such as roaming, concurrency control and exploit a wide variety of backend databases and billing features.

Mobile Board Express

SMS Public Messaging Suite

The Mobile Board Express suite builds on the ubiquity of today's mobile phones and SMS messaging to bring familiar age-old experiences and ideas to an exciting new platform.

Mobile Board provides a variety of messaging services including chat, trivia, voting, order management, advertising and user groups / bulk messaging in a single easy to use system.