[Announce] Emerald 4.5 Announcement

IEA Software Sales ( (no email) )
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 17:22:28 -0700

IEA Software Inc., the world's leading provider of integrated
software solutions for Service Providers and private network
operators, announced today an updated version of its comprehensive
billing, authentication and customer care solution, the Emerald
Management Suite, Version 4.5.

The new release includes enhanced features and capabilities
such as:

Fully integrated database (MSDE) so an external SQL Server
need not be purchased.

Enhanced search and display capabilities for
Master Billing Records (MBR),
Custom data fields,
Service Call Summary,
Call accounting table.

The Emerald Web server now provides native SSL support.

Credit card and ACH transactions can be previewed before
processing them.

Statements may now be scheduled for delivery.

Interactive parameter support has been added to reporting.

RADIUS group concurrency is now supported (concurrency limits
can be specified by group or service type within a group)

New Database management interface allows for running queries,
performing backups, and checking on database connection status.

Table updates now allow for database replication.

Advanced usage-based collection and accounting is through the
use of Cisco Netflow is also supported.

And more.

The product is immediately available for the Windows 2000 and the
Linux (Intel) platforms. Linux platform products may be ordered
with Sun-Cobalt packaging for operation on Qube and RaQ server
appliances. Support for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise in
addition to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is also provided.

Competitive upgrade for pricing for customers running on competing
platforms is also available.

This upgrade is available through IEA Software for a nominal fee,
customers with a license for Version 4 that have Support contracts
in-force will be entitled to this upgrade for free. You may purchase
directly from IEA Software's Web site at http://www.iea-software.com
or by calling (509) 444-2455. Questions may be directed to
Sales@iea-software.com. If there is a Reseller in your area, you will
be placed in contact with them.


Your IEA Software Team

IEA Software, Inc.
516 W. Riverside Ste. 201
Spokane, WA 99201

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