[Emerald] Radius NT not decrypting passwords

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John M. Troher (admin@isoc.net)
Fri, 14 May 2004 09:01:19 -0400

Subject: [Emerald] Radius NT not decrypting passwords
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 09:01:19 -0400
Message-ID: <03ADEF74C4B1444AAA3BD445EACB4DFA1422F4@isoc-svr.florence.isoc.net>
From: "John M. Troher" <admin@isoc.net>

I am using Emerald 2.5 and RadiusNT on one of my Rad servers has totally flipped out.


It cannot get the password right and rejected everyone.




radrecv: Request from host 436006da code=1, id=126, length=207

    User-Name = "username"

    Password = "}\363\177\264\222\024\332\223\225\313O\314Mh\365\004"

    NAS-Identifier =

    NAS-Identifier2 = ""

    NAS-Port = 522

    Acct-Session-Id = "34145485"

    Interface_Index = 1778

Received unknown attribute 39049, vendor 429

    User-Service = Framed-User

    Framed-Protocol = PPP

    Chasis-Call-Slot = 3

    Chasis-Call-Span = 1

    Chasis-Call-Channel = 10

    Connect-Info = 300

    Caller-Id = "5555551212"

    NAS-Port-DNIS = "5136993000"

    NAS-Port-Type = Async



 SQL Statement: Select DateDiff(Minute, GetDate(), DateAdd(Day,

.OverDue+1), maExpireDate)), DateDiff(Minute, GetDate(), DateAdd(Day, sa.Extens

on+1, saExpireDate)), sa.AccountID, sa.AccountType, sa.Password, sa.Login, sa.S

ell, sa.LoginLimit, ma.Balance, ma.OverLimit From MasterAccounts ma, SubAccount

 sa Where sa.Login='username' AND ma.CustomerID=sa.CustomerID and sa.Active<>0

nd ma.Active<>0


 Decrypted Password: +-Gl?/?+O?

 Database Password: good password listed here

Sending Reject of id 126 to 436006da (ACCESS-1)


SQL Statement: INSERT INTO RadLogs(RadLogMsgID, LogDate, Username, Data, NASId

ntifier, NASPort, CallerID) VALUES (11, GetDate(), 'username',

 '', 522, '5555551212')


User: username Bad Password


I have rebooted the machine this runs on and it does the same thing.

It has worked for years, nothing on the machine or the settings for radiusnt have changed

The primary server on another machine with the same config works perfectly (thank god or I would really be screwed)

The same NAS that cant auth users to this radius server works fine with the primary once I turned this one off.


Anyone have any ides?




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