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Dale E. Reed Jr. (
Tue, 16 Mar 2004 14:53:37 -0800

From: "Dale E. Reed Jr." <>
Subject: RE: [Emerald] operator group
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 14:53:37 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> I'm trying to get an operator group in 4.5.6 to have access to "invoice
> next" so an invoice will be created that he can PAY on when a
> customer signs
> up. However, the only thing I've found to give him access is to add the
> MBRact role. When I do that, the person can cancel mbr and create
> adjustments! So my question is - does anyone have roles already
> set up for
> a 'signup' type person that can be shared with me? Just needs to
> be able to
> add customers and create payments. No other major accounting functions.

The invoice next is tied to permission of the mbr_invoice_next.ews object. That object (file) is by default in the MBRAcct object group.

To give someone access to that file without the entire MBRAcct would require creating a new ObjectGroup, and then creating a new mbr_invoice_next.ews object in that new object group. Probably just got a little confusing and the reason we haven't release the full security object information. :)

Try this:

Run these two queries in Query Analyzer or Emerald's DB SQL Query tool
(only one at a time in the later).

INSERT INTO ObjectGroups (ObjectGroupID, ReportID, ObjectGroup)
        Values(188, NULL, 'MBR Invoice Next')

        -- [Note: After Adding this one, also add this ObjectGroup in Security to
      -- the Operator Group you want to have the invoice next permissions.]

INSERT INTO Objects (ObjectGroupID, ObjectTypeID, Description, Value, Data)
        Values(188, 1, NULL, NULL, 'mbr_invoice_next.ews')

Then click in the Emerald Admin, Web Config and click on both the Reset Query Cache and the Reload Config links.

Then in another browser (not just another IE window, but use IE for the above and Netscape, opera, whatever that is NOT IE engine based) log into Emerald with the new browser as the restricted operator. Try the function. If you get an error of permission denied on another file, go back to the INSERT Objects second SQL command and put that file name as the last field and repeaat the reload config.

If you eventually get an error on permissions not allowed for a table, well, thats a whole other deal. Let me know if you get those and I'll tell you how to fix it as well.


BTW, the Enterprise version of Emerald 4 has a GUI management interface for manipulating all the security objects. However, please note that changing any of the security objects could result in denial of using Emerald as a non-admin and is not covered under a support contract unless you have an Enterprise license.

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