[Emerald] Livingston access server problem

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Nada (nadas@inco.com.lb)
Fri, 17 Oct 2003 12:34:37 +0300

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 12:34:37 +0300
From: Nada <nadas@inco.com.lb>
Subject: [Emerald] Livingston access server problem
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I am facing a problem with livingston access server for the ISDN connection. I need to limit the login to one or 2 according to the customer account type. I have the concurrency check enabled and it is working fine with all other account types. What is happening with the ISDN connection is that the access server is initiating simultaneously 2 sessions, the start records are reaching at the same time the database therefore when the radcheckonline() procedures check if the user is connected or not it gets that the user is not on-line and gives him access to both connections. In this case the user with login limit 1 can connect twice to this access server. As a remedy to this problem, I have tried to add as radius standard attribute the port-limit = 1 for the users with 1 login = 64K and port-limit = 2 for the user with 2 logins = 128K I have now a new problem with the accounting records, I am getting 2 start records and one stop record for the users having port-limit = 1 because the access server is disconnecting one session without sending the stop record. In this case the user get stuck on the on-line table and we need to clear him in order to be able to connect again.

Do you know how can I solve this problem ? Is there any other suggested solution ?

Thank you, Regards, Nada.

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