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Vilmos Branyik (
Tue, 13 May 2003 07:52:18 -0600

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From: Vilmos Branyik <>
Subject: RE: [Emerald] Reports error
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 07:52:18 -0600

Thought I would post the answer to this question in case anyone else needs it.

It turns out the p2sodbc.dll needs to be updated. Once a newer version was copied into the system32 directory the reports began to work properly.

Matt Branyik

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I know this may not actually be an Emerald question but I'm hoping someone here will know the answer.

We modified the ccsubmit.rpt using Crystal Reports 8.5. The reports works on the workstation that has Crystal Reports installed on it (an XP workstation) and any Windows 98 workstation.

When we try to display it on other Windows 2000 or XP workstations we get this error:

ODBC Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] Invalid column name 'True'

And the report doesn't display.

All the other reports including some others we have modified work.

Could anyone give me an idea were to start looking?

Thanks in advance.

Matt Branyik

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