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Doug Harpster (
Wed, 7 May 2003 08:10:38 -0500

From: "Doug Harpster" <>
Subject: RE: [Emerald] Late fees 
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 08:10:38 -0500
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Both could be done with stored procedures running through the scheduler. You can have the sp check the create dates of your discouned service and change the discount when the createdate is 180 days ago. My only problem with generating late fees is that Emerald generates a new statement every time a charge is added. If you're doing email statements only this might be ok, but it's redundant for those of us who postal mail statements.



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> Does anyone have a good way to automatically charge late fees
> if the statement is not at $0.00 balance by the 5th of the month?
> We are also look for a way to do discount rate for 6 months
> then go back to the normal price automatically
> Any help would be great!
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