RE: [Emerald] Dale help. Some Emerald 4.5 questions.

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Dale E. Reed Jr. (
Thu, 7 Nov 2002 13:31:30 -0800

From: "Dale E. Reed Jr." <>
Subject: RE: [Emerald] Dale help. Some Emerald 4.5 questions.
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 13:31:30 -0800
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> Like making payments. I click Invoices, click unpaid only, search. Then I
> find the user, click on invoice id, click payment. Click print. then click
> invoices again, repeat whole process. In 2.5, this whole process
> was easier.

Yikes. Stop doing that!

Click Batch, Select quick pay under External, and click process. This is the preferred method of making payments (one of the shortcuts most people don't know about). Enter the relevant information for the payment
(CustomerID, whatever) enter the payment information, and click search. You'll get a result set back (which could potentially be more than one) with the previous balance, payment, new balance, etc for each hit. Select the one you want and click Make Payment. You'll see the results and be back at the start. You'd couldn't process payments that fast in 2.5!

> After I paid and printed there I didn't have to reload all the invoices
> again. Same thing with the services. Find User, click on user, click
> service. EDit service. All for just a password. There are just as
> many steps
> in 2.5 but it just "flowed smoother." I guess it just takes some getting
> used too. I think the client interface was also faster. May just be me.

There is some help here. If you click on the service (under login) it will jump you directly to the service and remove one step. WE added edit options in the service list that jumps you directly to editing the service so you don't have to go to the service first. I've got RFEs to have edit options for both the MBR and service on the main results screens as well. That should hopefully resolve these. :)

> Is the scheduler running? Check the services manager and see. The
> Service name is "Emerald Task Scheduler". The configuration server
> is apart of the scheduler, not a seperate task/service.
> It is running.

Stop the scheduler, open a command prompt, change to your Emerald directory and run:

schedule -config

This will start the scheduler in config mode only and tell you the port it is configured to listen on. Point a browser at it and your should be able to connect. Possibly someone disabled the configuration server?

> > Syslog web config loads "page cannot be displayed." Do I need to
> > do this to load syslog? Why is it doing this?
> See above for scheduler.
> Ditto.

Ditto, except use the syslogd server.

> When will patch be available?

The 4.5.2 patch is available from our FTP site:

The changes.txt for it are available here:

> Use the Map attribute options in the Emerald Admin, RADIUS, Attributes
> section to Map the Ascend connect attributes to the RADIUS standard
> Connect-Info attribute and RadiusNT/X will handle the rest for you.
> You can only map one of the two Ascend attributes (ascend has one for
> upstream and one for downstream).
> Goody, goody. Will try this.

There was a post here earlier of someone using this with the USr VSA connect strings. The Accounting Map atttributes is really useful for multi-vendor scenarios were vendors don't use the RADIUS standard attributes.

> What you would want to do is configure a generic Credit Card
> format and go through the normal export procedures to write the
> file. Then just ignore the file and don't bother with an import.
> When you do the manual payment on the account DO NOT do a CC or
> ACH manual payment, as that will just put another entry in etrans
> and not make a payment on the account.
> I have already done this on one of each and caught it. How can I
> correct it?

When you make a manual CC/ACH payment, all it does it put an etrans request in. Since the real payment doesn't occurr until the CC/ACH is approved, it won't hurt anything. The Emerald 4.5.2 history screen allows you to void etrans entries as long as they haven't been processed.

> While we are on credit cards, will the customer online payment option
> automatically send a payment for processing? Or, how does it work?

It just puts a entry into the etrans for it. The etrans still has to go through and be processed before anything happens. If you use a realtime system (like, see this url: ) you can have the scheduler check every couple minutes and process payments automatically. The history page in the customer care center will be updated with the status of the etrans section.

> Do you mean a payment receipt report? The 4.5.2 patch fixes a CC/ACH
> payment receipt problem, but I don't think that is what you are
> talking about.
> I am talking about the one like in 2.5. It may have not came included, it
> may have came from your website. It basically allowed you to make reprints
> of receipts that had been paid that day. Did not matter how the bill had
> been paid.

Sounds like something custom. You could probably take the daily payments report and make it into a receipts report pretty easily. If you send me the 2.5 report (directly, not on the list) I'll take a look at it.


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