RE: [Emerald] Dale help. Some Emerald 4.5 questions.

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Dale E. Reed Jr. (
Thu, 7 Nov 2002 12:35:55 -0800

From: "Dale E. Reed Jr." <>
Subject: RE: [Emerald] Dale help. Some Emerald 4.5 questions.
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 12:35:55 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> Will there ever be a client interface to Emerald 4.5 like there was for
> Emerald 2.5? The web stuff is good, but there are too many steps to do
> simple tasks that were easy to do with the client interface.

Only for printing. What tasks are you referring to? There are many shortcuts in Emerald 4 that most people don't know about. Also, we might be able to recommend a better/easier way to do things if you let us know what you are doing. :)

> Schedular web config loads "page cannot be displayed." Do I need
> to do this to load schedular? Why is it doing this?

Is the scheduler running? Check the services manager and see. The Service name is "Emerald Task Scheduler". The configuration server is apart of the scheduler, not a seperate task/service.

> Syslog web config loads "page cannot be displayed." Do I need to
> do this to load syslog? Why is it doing this?

See above for scheduler.

> Terminate cause is showing up in Administration web pages, but not in the
> client information web pages. Any ideas? We are using Ascend and
> I made the
> necessary changes in the radius config to get it working if you are logged
> in as Administrator, but no client.

The 4.5.2 patch fixes this.

> Will the connect info work in 4.5 if we are using Ascend? If so, how do I
> get it to work?

Use the Map attribute options in the Emerald Admin, RADIUS, Attributes section to Map the Ascend connect attributes to the RADIUS standard Connect-Info attribute and RadiusNT/X will handle the rest for you. You can only map one of the two Ascend attributes (ascend has one for upstream and one for downstream).

> We are currently using Imail 5.8 and are considering upgrading to Imail 7.
> In the Imail docs it says that some fields have to be added to an external
> OBDC database before it is installed. Are these fields already
> added to the Emerald 4.5 database or do they need to be added?

Yes. 4.5 with the 4.5 EmerAuth is fully compatable with Imail 7. Please note that EmerAuth 4.5.1 is required for Imail 7.0, whereas EmerAuth 4.5.2 is required for IMail 7.1. You CAN NOT get those two swapped of your IMail services will not work.

> Is there a way to do manual credit card and ACH payments through Emerald
> 4.5? We always did it that way with Emerald 2.5 because we are small and
> have a small amount of those payments. If there is not a way, how
> should we
> change the records to keep it from waiting on the batch to be
> sent. If there
> is a way, how do we set it to not try to use automatic?

What you would want to do is configure a generic Credit Card format and go through the normal export procedures to write the file. Then just ignore the file and don't bother with an import. When you do the manual payment on the account DO NOT do a CC or ACH manual payment, as that will just put another entry in etrans and not make a payment on the account.

> I never got any replies on the Receipt report. Does any one have one they
> would like to share that works like the one in Emerald 2.5, but
> for Emerald 4.5?

Do you mean a payment receipt report? The 4.5.2 patch fixes a CC/ACH payment receipt problem, but I don't think that is what you are talking about.


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