[Emerald] Payments

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Joe Reynolds (joe@outdoors.net)
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 16:39:32 -0500

From: "Joe Reynolds" <joe@outdoors.net>
Subject: [Emerald] Payments
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 16:39:32 -0500

The scenario is that a user is billed on a "Renewal" basis. The invoices are created automatically by Emerald4.

I noticed that on the first renewal, Emerald created a invoice and a statement. Some days later we added a payment to the Payments table via a custom program.

The invoice amount was 79.95 and the statement showed a balance of 79.95, and a current balance of 79.95. Billed Thru date correctly shows as 12/04/02. The expiration date shows as 11/04/02.

After a payment of 79.95 was added to payment table by custom program, the numbers/dates above remained the same.

Am I correct in assuming that a statement will be created at some point that will zero out the numbers and advance the expire date? Reason I ask is that a preview batch report for Statements does not create a new statement for this user.

At this point, even though the member record shows a payment of 79.95 AFTER the Statement of 79.95, it looks like Emerald will need to create another statement to bring the account into balance.

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