[RadiusNT] ODBC Error:07006 Restricted data type attribute violation

Salman Karim ( (no email) )
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 19:27:37 PDT

Thanks Dale !!
I run that query that u have given to me. After that users can connect to Oracle server easily. Now the thing is "ODBC Error : Invalid date format" but after adding a "nls_date_format" in registry date format becomes just like SQL Server. Now the ODBC error becomes
"07006 Restricted data type attribute violation " on the location where invalid date format occured.

In books online I found this error description, which is a convertion of data type to C datatype. There is no problem in authentication and accounting with oracle. I wanna know does this error may cause bad effect in future. It occurs when stored procedure "RadCheckOnline" runs, I checked all possible connections by changing the value of loginlimit.
I have oracle basic script for RadiusNT if any one want just query me.


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