[RadiusNT] Still problems with RadiusNT, START/STOP records & reboot, electricity probs etc..

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Tue, 5 Oct 1999 11:52:53 +0200


Some weeks ago I sent here an E-Mail where primary subject was (and still it
is) a problem with RRAS not sending STOP record to radius svc in some
circumstances. Microsoft problems.. ok. I accept this :P but there was
another big problem passed unseen that I see only now in these raining days,
when there are more electricity problems, etc.

I've purchased RadiusNT to do time-accounting, so I can sell prepaid
accounts to users who don't want to spent too many moneys in a full 24h/24
time access. Unfortunately.. yesterday there was a blackout where some NAS
goes down for 5-6 hours, where there was online something like 8-10 users
using prepaid accounts. When this morning the electric problem was restored,
I was called from some of these users who aren't unable to connect anymore
because ... they have used all their credit.

... so.. I know that if RadiusNT don't receive STOP record it can't imagine
that user is not online anymore. But, how to make time-accounting a reliable
service? I have this problem when:

- user can't connect with ' ... couldn't be projected on the network' error
- Server reboots unexpectedly
- Electricity problems

what can I do?

Massimo Anicito


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