Geo. ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 08:37:23 -0400

I've got a customer who has an ISDN modem but only a single login account.
He has somehow found a way to cause the ISDN modem to dial in on the second
line and he sits there holding the return key down forcing a rapid
succession of login attempts. In Radius with debug mode turned on we can see
the screen scrolling at an incredible rate.

What happens is after 10-20 seconds of this, he manages to get logged in
with the second line.

Now it seems to me this is a bug in Radius that's allowing this to happen.
What I need is some way to stop it or a fix. Anyone got any ideas? If word
of this gets out, we are all going to have a bunch of people trying it.


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