Re: [RadiusNT] Multilink PPP / Multichannel Protocol plus

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 15:56:23 -0400

> > Are you guys familiar with 3Com's Dual Analog Office Connect or
> > Technology of Diamond Supra ? well, they have this feature that bonds 2
> > dialup connections ( treat them as one ) , bandwidth on demand ,
> > does emerlad support this ? or is it my RAS that should support ?
From: Terry Bomersbach <>
> RADIUS Supports authentication, the NAS must support MPP for shotgun
> technology to work.

It needs to support MP, not necessarily MPP (MP+):

MP = Multilink Protocol (multichannel PPP connections)
MPP (MP+) = Multilink Protocol Plus and is something specific to Ascend
products; it's based on MP, but takes it a step or two further.

> Basically you just set the login limit to 2 for the
> subaccount for that customer and the NAS does the rest.

You also have to go into RadiusNT Admin and make sure that Variable Logins
are checked along with Concurrent Logins (something like that I think--I'm
at home now and can't remember the other option). We're using Ascend Maxes
here, so I have no idea what (if anything) needs to be adjusted in your NAS.


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