[RadiusNT] Problem with cisco and framed-address

( ronen@israsrv.net.il )
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 18:36:20 +0200


I am trying to assign a specific ip address to a user with radiusNT.

I tried both ODBC and text modes.

I defined:

Framed-Address = x.x.x.x
Framed-Netmask =

and checked that the cisco router (Cisco 2509 w/ IOS 12.0) gets attributes 8
and 9.
But the router just ignore this and assign an ip address from the default

Do anyone has experience with setting static ip with cisco ?
Can it be done??? I tried everything cisco recommended including vendor
specific attributes
but nothing.

HELP!!!! any help or direction will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,