[RadiusNT] Vendor Attributes

Jim Whaley ( (no email) )
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 14:19:56 -0400

I'm running RadiusNT 2.5, SQL 6.5 on NT 4.0 SP4.

I need to add some Vendor specific attributes and I'm not sure how to do

We have some Telebit Netblazers that have the ability to do some specific
things that you can't do on other hardware.

Right now, we have UUCP customers that have "hard coded" accounts set in the
Netblazers. I'd like to use Radius instead, but it looks like I need to use
the "Telebit-Login-Command" attribute to make it work.

This is the command that should run when someone logs in:
telnet -8 -noesc x.x.x.x;logout

My problem is I'm not sure I know how to add this stuff to the RadAttributes
Table. Since there doesn't appear to be a RadAttributeID, what should I

Can anybody help? Thanks,

Jim Whaley

# TELEBIT vendor extensions
# the following are send/received using the Vendor-Specific Attribute
# as sub-attributes
# note that the LAST "vendor" is taken as the NetBlazer's VENDOR ID
# and all other received Vendor-Specific attributes are ignored
# to accept all Vendor-Specific packets put a "VENDOR 0" at the end
# of this file.
# Deleting or Changing the names of these attributes will cause the
# NetBlazer to not use these attributes; if the server doesn't support
# vendor-specific attributes assign an extension attribute number

VENDOR 117 "Telebit"

ATTRIBUTE Telebit-Login-Command 1 string
ATTRIBUTE Telebit-Port-Name 2 string
ATTRIBUTE Telebit-Activate-Command 3 string
ATTRIBUTE Telebit-Accounting-Info 4 string