[RadiusNT] Radius shutting down

Brian Kerr ( bkerr@isgcolumbia.com )
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 10:28:28 -0500

Our RadiusNT service shuts down about once every two days, and we cannot
ascertain why. Is there any kind of logging I can enable that will shed
some light on this? We're running sp5 and NT server of course. There is
nothing else running on the machine aside from IIS4. Thanks

Brian Kerr
Systems Administrator

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From: Bob Dozier [mailto:rwdozier@apex2000.net]
Sent: Thursday, June 03, 1999 10:09 AM
To: radiusnt@iea-software.com
Subject: [RadiusNT] Re: RadiusNT Digest

You are correct - ISDN accounts don't have the NAS-Port-Type check
attribute. Any plans to have radlogin work in this manner. We have
been testing and slowly migrating users to Emerald. We are still
learning all the ins and outs of Emerald - is radlog the replacement
for radlogin? We were attempting to have our support techs use radlogin
to verify user authentication as it also shows expired accounts. Any
suggestions out there about how to verify user authentication without
going to a PC and testing that account? Thanks.

Bob Dozier rwdozier@apex2000.net
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>Subject: Re: [RadiusNT] Radlogin Users?
>From: "Dale E. Reed Jr." <daler@iea-software.com>
>Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999 14:01:10 -0500
>Bob Dozier wrote:
>> Anyone using radlogin with RadiusNT profiles with the
>> NAS-Port-Type = Async check attribute. Each profile with this
>> attribute returns Bad whereas ISDN profiles return OK. This happens
>> whether it's an Emerald profile or a profile in the users. file.
>Radlogin doesn't send the NAS-Port-Type attribute, so the check will
>always fail. I'm guessing your ISDN accounts don't have the
>NAS-Port-Type check attribute?
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