[RadiusNT] The ever growing db...

Gabriel ( gabriel@cybernet.com.lb )
Wed, 26 May 1999 20:45:04 -0200

I'm pretty sure this has been asked before, but I just wanted to check up with
you guys before I did anything.

I have a RadiusNT device sized at 400mb.
Day 1: Radius db was 17.4mb
Day 2: Radius db was 33.0mb
Day 3: Radius db was 65.0mb
Day 4: Radius db was 101.0mb

As u can see, I stupidly created the database and it's log all in the same db
and device. Yes, I know I'm dumb. But, how do we safely remove delete
the transaction logs to get the db back down to size. Plus, is there a way
I can safely split or recreate this database and transfer the data over
to a new one with a separate data and log database & device.

Thanx again,

P.S. - Running Sql 6.5 w/ Radius NT 2.5.124 Enterprise edition.

P.S.S. - When I use the truncate transaction logs dialog the database grows
from 101mb to around 129mb??? Whats the deal?