Re: [RadiusNT] ISDN & Multi-linking

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 May 1999 10:00:02 -0700

Sam Lowe wrote:
> I am hoping the group can assist.
> We are running RadiusNT 1.65 and are doing pretty well with assistance as we
> go. I have one problem that I cannot seem to figure out.
> Users who require dual channel bonding (ISDN128, Multi-link) can get the
> first channel, but the second simply will not complete. RadiusNT appears to
> accept the login, notes the user has one channel up and allows the second
> link in, but my Total Control simply logs it as unauthenticated and sends a
> stop accounting record.
> We are running a combination of TC configurations. The unit I seem to have
> the most problems with is equipped with a Hiper Arc running 4.1.59 code. We
> get around this today by creating the user in the TC and setting
> max_channels to two, and we still get the accounting records, but the auth
> is done in the TC.
> The odd thing is, not all the TCs exhibit this behaviour. We have other TCs
> with HiPer's (and older) that seem to work perfectly well.

Perhaps there is a setting on the TC that needs to be modified to let
happen? I know on Ascends, you can set the "shared Profile" to no, and
will prevent multiple logins.


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