[RadiusNT] ISDN & Multi-linking

Sam Lowe ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 May 1999 07:19:11 -0500

I am hoping the group can assist.

We are running RadiusNT 1.65 and are doing pretty well with assistance as we
go. I have one problem that I cannot seem to figure out.

Users who require dual channel bonding (ISDN128, Multi-link) can get the
first channel, but the second simply will not complete. RadiusNT appears to
accept the login, notes the user has one channel up and allows the second
link in, but my Total Control simply logs it as unauthenticated and sends a
stop accounting record.

We are running a combination of TC configurations. The unit I seem to have
the most problems with is equipped with a Hiper Arc running 4.1.59 code. We
get around this today by creating the user in the TC and setting
max_channels to two, and we still get the accounting records, but the auth
is done in the TC.

The odd thing is, not all the TCs exhibit this behaviour. We have other TCs
with HiPer's (and older) that seem to work perfectly well.

We would really prefer not to do this, so any idea's you have would be

Samuel S. Lowe
Director, Data Network Services
UniversalCom, Inc.